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News Release: MARKS Joins Forces with Clean Methane Systems to Expand Operations for the Biogas Market

MARKS - July 20, 2021 - 0 comments

MARKS Design and Metalworks and Clean Methane Systems Join Forces to Expand

Operations Aimed to Shorten Delivery Times for the Biogas Market

Collaboration enables biogas producers to convert potentially harmful biproducts into useful, socially responsible sources of renewable energy

Tualatin, OR, July 20, 2021—Clean Methane Systems, LLC (CMS) and MARKS Design and Metalworks, LLC (MARKS) are mutually expanding business operations by capitalizing on increased production capacity, new market opportunities and complementary skills.

The collaboration will bring increased value and shortened delivery times to the biogas market. The expanded solutions, including vertical integration of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), moisture, siloxanes, and carbon dioxide (CO2) removal technologies, provide economically feasible equipment options for thousands of wastewater plants, agriculture, and other infrastructure enterprises. These industries have historically been underserved, as they seek to achieve net-zero carbon emission goals and improve profitability.

“By working closely with a world-class stainless steel and metal fabricator, we will now be able to expand our solutions and achieve industry-leading delivery times to our customers in the field,” says Kit Johnson, Clean Methane Systems’ Chief Financial Officer.

Together CMS and MARKS provide end-to-end biogas conditioning and upgrading equipment. The alliance enables producers to convert potentially harmful biproducts into a useful, socially responsible source of renewable energy for fueling vehicles or displacing electricity produced from fossil fuels.

CMS and its acquired business operations has provided technological solutions to the biogas industry for more than 25 years. CMS serves its U.S. and international clients from its Tualatin, Oregon headquarters. MARKS designs and fabricates custom-made skids, tanks, control systems and industrial equipment using American steel from its facility in Vancouver, Washington.

“We are excited to work with Clean Methane Systems to bring our capabilities to the biogas industry,” added Mary Novak-Jandrey, owner and manager of Marks Design & Metalworks. “Our company is ASME certified and UL-508A Listed. The facility recently expanded from 35,000 to 165,000 square feet. This enables us to better serve this important segment and to add more skilled resources to our growing teams.”

About Clean Methane Systems LLC

Clean Methane Systems custom designs, installs, fine-tunes, and operates biogas-to-energy systems for manufacturers, consultants, municipalities, and energy companies. CMS, with its acquired operations, has one of the largest biogas portfolios in the industry, with more than 140 historical projects in North America alone. The company is recognized internationally as a leader in conditioning and recovering waste stream biogas, including removal of sulfur, moisture, siloxanes, and other volatile organic compounds. Its goal is to provide its customers clean power generation and a stronger bottom line. More information is available at

About Marks Design & Metalworks, LLC

MARKS Design and Metalworks is a custom stainless steel equipment manufacturer.  MARKS offers American-made processing equipment for the environmental sector.  MARKS has experience in building stainless steel equipment for waste-to-energy, wastewater, and other renewable energy projects.  MARKS also provides its own in-house controls team for a seamless manufacturing experience.  More information is available at

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