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Project Info

Starting in 1999 in Morganton, North Carolina, Catawba has grown into a major regional brewery. MARKS worked with Catawba every step of the way, from expanding their original brewery to building out new acquisitions with new brewhouses, unique cellar tanks, and expanding outdoors when there was no room inside.

Client: Catawba Brewing Co.

Date: 2014 - Present

Location: Charlotte, Ashville, Morganton, North Carolina, Charleston, South Carolina

Project: Growing regional brewery


When Catawba wanted to expand production at its home-site in Morganton they had an engineering challenge. In addition to adding cellar tanks, refurbishing components from a Colorado defunct brewery and various home-made equipment, the challenge to MARKS was to also build “aquarium tanks” – open top fermenters with a special glass front that customers could watch the special beer ferment.

As Catawba grew to new locations, tanks in those locations needed to be modified. An entire brewery needed to be renovated. Tanks needed to be built outdoors when there was no more room inside. Smart carts and infusers had to be added to make Catawba production as efficient as possible.

Our Solutions

MARKS is continuing to work with the Pyatt brothers to bring their expansion plans to fruition. Designs developed have included modifying tanks on-site. On another project, special glass was used in one-of-a kind unique Aquarium open top fermenter tanks to be show pieces for one of the tap rooms. Whether building special equipment at our production facility or fabricating on-site, MARKS has partnered with Catawba through every step of their expansion plans. And new expansion and projects are underway. Stay tuned!

Catawba Brewing Co.

Everyone Claims to be custom manufacturers, but MARKS truly does original designs and custom building of equipment. If you have an idea, they can help you design and build it. Our friends at Marks have helped us to continue to grow, increase our productivity and make better quality beer through better tank designs and stellar service.

Scott Pyatt
Chief Operating Officer & Owner
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