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MARKS Newsletter for Q4 2023

MARKS - February 21, 2024 - 0 comments

– Trillium Horizontal Lagers Installation
– Renewable Natural Gas
– Preventative Maintenance
– MARKS Equipment Spotlight
– About Us
– Contact Information

Get to know MARKS

We are a major U.S. manufacturer of custom stainless-steel vessels and equipment. If you need something mixed, stored, piped, processed, or fermented, our team of engineers can make it happen. We can manufacture tanks as large as 42’ tall and up to 15 tons.

Trillium Horizontal Lagers Installation

Trillium Brewing is embarking on an exciting move to a new facility, facing the unique challenge of ceiling height restrictions. To navigate this, they partnered with MARKS Design and Metalworks for custom-designed double and triple-stacked tanks that perfectly fit their space and enable growth. This collaboration underscores MARKS’s commitment to innovative, tailored solutions and Trillium’s dedication to expanding its brewing capabilities. It’s a brilliant example of how challenges can lead to inventive outcomes in the brewing industry.

Learn more about Trillium here!

Preventative Maintenance

Why should you do preventative maintenance?

In the intricate brewing world, preventive maintenance and regular inspections of brewery equipment is paramount to assure the quality of a craft beer.

  • Daily maintenance routines are crucial for ensuring the optimal functioning of all machinery, focusing primarily on cleaning and inspecting for wear and tear.
  • Weekly checks involve a more thorough inspection of brewing systems, ensuring no minor issues have arisen that could escalate into major problems.
  • Quarterly maintenance takes a deeper dive, including calibrating and servicing critical components such as valves and sensors, that are essential for maintaining product quality and consistency.
  • Yearly maintenance, is the most comprehensive and includes tasks like deep cleaning, replacing parts with an annual lifespan, and performing specialized servicing requiring more time and expertise.

Adhering to a structured preventative maintenance schedule is pivotal for keeping brewery equipment in prime condition. It is crucial to avoid costly downtimes and potential voiding of equipment warranties. This diligent approach ensures a seamless brewing process, leading to a consistent product and a thriving brewery business. The following are common preventative maintenance practices. This article does not replace the manufacturer’s recommendations for your spectic equipment. MARKS is not liable for any equipment malfunctions that may arise due to neglect or inadequate equipment maintenance.

Learn more about preventative maintenance measures here!

MARKS Equipment Spotlight

Preventative Maintenance

With the new year in high gear, there’s no better time to start preventative maintenance! The MARKS PARTS store has everything you need, from gaskets to TC fittings and hop funnels!

Check them out here!

Renewable Natural Gas

While MARKS is known for making great equipment for the brewing and craft beverage market, MARKS is also a leading contract manufacturer for the Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) industry. For that industry, we specialize in fabricating skid-based and container-based systems that are essential for the production of RNG. Our capabilities include the fabrication, assembly, and installation of biogas upgrading systems, gas storage, and transportation systems, and other equipment required in the RNG production process. Our equipment is typically designed and engineered by specialized RNG equipment engineering firms, which may source equipment from various suppliers. MARKS is an integral part of the entire project.

The biogas upgrading systems we manufacture are designed to remove impurities and upgrade biogas (methane) to RNG. The RNG is used as a vehicle fuel or injected into the natural gas pipeline. We also manufacture equipment for the storage and transportation of RNG. Through our expert electrical engineers and programmers, MARKS also offers control systems to ensure accurate monitoring and control of the processes.

Using skid-based and container-based designs ensures easy shipping and final installation. This provides a turnkey solution for our clients, minimizing on-site installation time and cost. We are committed to helping our clients in the RNG industry produce sustainable energy and positively impact the environment.

Learn more about the many industries MARKS provides stainless steel products by clicking here!

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