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MARKS specializes in designing and manufacturing beer brewing equipment. The craft beer industry was the first industry MARKS served and continues to show our expertise. Our offerings include brewhouses, fermentation tanks, brite tanks, grist cases, pump carts, and more. MARKS brewhouses are made in a range in capacity from 5 to 60 barrels, making MARKS suitable for small and large-scale breweries. The cellar tanks are available in sizes from 5 barrels up to 1,500 barrels. MARKS takes pride in its custom brewing solutions. Offering many options, including a basic two-vessel brewhouses through a highly automated six-vessel systems, MARKS meets the unique requirements of almost any brewery. Our equipment is proudly made in America using American stainless steel, ensuring quality and reliability.

MARKS is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel equipment for the food and beverage industry. Our product offerings include a wide range of equipment for various applications. From mixing tanks for blending and homogenizing ingredients to packaging tanks, we manufacture equipment for every stage of the production process. Our storage tanks are ideal for holding raw materials or finished products, and our carbonation systems are designed to carbonate beverages quickly and efficiently. To ensure that our equipment stays clean and sanitized, we also provide CIP systems (mobile or whole facility) specially designed to clean and sanitize equipment.

Our equipment is suitable for various applications within the beverage industry, such as coffee and tea, kombucha, wine, juice, seltzer (hard or NA), soda, cider, and spirits. MARKS understands that each industry has its unique requirements, and we pride ourselves in providing custom solutions that meet each client’s specific needs. Whether you have a small-scale operation or a large-scale production facility, our team of experienced engineers is dedicated to providing equipment to ensure a smooth and high-quality operation for years.

MARKS is the leading contract manufacturer for the Renewable Natural Gas (RNG) industry. We specialize in fabricating skid-based and container-based systems that are essential for the production of RNG. Our capabilities include the fabrication, assembly, and installation of biogas upgrading systems, gas storage, and transportation systems, and other equipment required in the RNG production process. Our equipment is typically designed and engineered by specialized RNG equipment engineering firms, which may source equipment from various suppliers. MARKS is an intragal part of the entire project.

The biogas upgrading systems we manufacture are designed to remove impurities and upgrade biogas to RNG. The RNG is  used as a vehicle fuel or injected into the natural gas pipeline. We can manufacture equipment for the storage and transportation of RNG., Through are expert electrical engineers and programmers, MARKS also offers control systems to ensure accurate monitoring and control of the processes.

As a contract manufacturer, we specialize in skid-based and container-based designs, ensuring easy shipping and final installation. This allows us to provide a turnkey solution for our clients, minimizing on-site installation time and cost. We are committed to helping our clients in the RNG industry produce sustainable energy and positively impact the environment. Using American labor and materials is a requirement under the Inflation Reduction Act, which may allow end users to receive additional federal stimulus funds or grants.

MARKS offers welded stainless steel tanks for the potable water industry and municipal wastewater systems. Our tanks are manufactured in our Vancouver facility using high-grade stainless steel materials to ensure long-lasting performance, a necessity for these industries. Unlike bolted tanks assembled on-site, our tanks are welded and shipped as one-piece units for easy installation. Our product line includes potable water storage tanks, wastewater treatment tanks, and fat oil and grease separators. MARKS offers custom fabrication services to meet the specific needs of these two industries.

MARKS offers a wide range of stainless steel tanks and processing systems specifically designed for the cannabis industry. Products include cultivation tanks for growing cannabis plants. We manufacture extraction tanks for processing and extracting valuable compounds. These extraction tanks may use hydrocarbons such as propane, butane, or liquid Co2. We also offer heated or cooled mixing and packaging tanks for cannabis foods or beverages. These specialized tanks have temperature control systems, allowing for precise temperature regulation during the mixing and packaging. MARKS can assist in the design of the equipment, or we can “build to print” depending on your needs.

MARKS serves a diverse range of industries that require high-quality stainless steel equipment. Our product offerings include mixing tanks, storage tanks, heat exchangers, transfer solutions, and processing systems. We also offer control systems to ensure accurate temperature regulation and process control. A sampling of the industries MARKS provides services include:

For the Pharmaceutical industry, we offer a range of equipment specifically for each application. This includes sterile mixing, storage tanks, and bioreactors for cell culture.

For the Chemical industry, we offer a range of mixing tanks and process vessels built to handle the unique requirements of chemical production and comply with safety regulations. This can include combustible materials and hazardous environments (hazardous boundaries determined by others).

For the Cosmetic industry, we offer a range of mixing tanks and packaging vessels built to handle the unique production processes of the cosmetic industry. Ease of cleaning and maintenance are highly sought after in this industry.

For the Biotechnology industry, we offer a range of equipment, including bioreactors, mixing tanks, and storage tanks, to meet biotech production’s specific and often unique needs.

For the Pulp and Paper industry, we offer a range of equipment specifically designed for this industry, including mixing tanks (often for mixing adhesives) and heated process vessels for producing various paper products.

For the Marine industry, we offer a range of equipment specifically designed for the marine environment, including overflow tanks, fuel or ammonia storage tanks, and stainless exhaust systems.

For the Plastic and Rubber industry, we offer a range of equipment, including mixing tanks and process vessels for producing various plastic and rubber products. These are often quite similar to equipment used in the chemical industry.

From food and beverage production to bioscience applications, MARKS is your one stop shop for success.

From food and beverage production to bioscience applications, MARKS is your one stop shop for success.

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