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MARKS CIP Systems – Sanitation as a Competitive Market Advantage

MARKS - August 17, 2021 - 0 comments

CIP Systems – MARKS recognizes the high standards the craft beverage and cannabis industries are facing for delivering a superior product in this extremely competitive market.  The need for producing the highest quality product is only growing stronger in the beverage space.  With food grade stainless steel, sanitation and preventing infections are an important step to creating a truly exceptional product.  A Clean-In-Place (CIP) system is a tool every producer needs that makes sure every glass poured is worthy of their name and brand.

Types of CIP SystemsMARKS CIP System on a skid

There are three basic types of CIP systems:  a Pump on a Cart; a Mobile CIP Skid, and a Centralized CIP System.  Let’s take a minute to review each option and its advantages.

Pump on a Cart – This is the most cost-effective option for a producer.  Many start-up operations will begin with this type of CIP cart.  Often the pump cart is multipurpose, being used for transfer processes as well as CIP activities.

The advantage of a pump cart that is totally mobile and can be used anywhere in the facility.  It is a manual option.  The pump cart does not have the ability to heat or maintain temperatures of the cleaning chemicals.

The producer has to exceed the chemical’s recommended temperature so that once in contact with the equipment the chemicals are still within its operational limits.  Without the ability to monitor temperature, the effectiveness of the CIP process is difficult to ensure.

In looking at a pump cart as a solution it is important to assure the equipment has a VFD to control the pump’s speed.  This ensures proper flow rates and surface contact of any chemicals being pumped through it.

Mobile CIP Skid – This provides the mobility of a pump cart with the utility of customized equipment.  Generally, a mobile CIP skid has 1 or more heated reservoirs.

Its advantages are many.  The mobile CIP skid can recapture chemicals to recycle for multiple uses, cutting down on costs and the environmental impact of your brewery.  These skids heat and maintain solution temperature, a real plus that enables the brewer to know the chemicals are within their operational range.

CIP skids with multiple reservoirs allow for pre-filling and pre-heating during the CIP process.  Multiple reservoirs also allow for multiple solution types, creating the best cleaning scenarios.

Mobile CIP skids, are, of course mobile.  They are an ideal solution for remotely located equipment.

Centralized CIP System – This is the best option for large-scale production facilities.  A centralized CIP system delivers cleaning agents to the entire facility.

Theses systems are automated and have multiple hard-piped cleaning circuits.  They come with a variety of monitoring devices including:

  • Peristaltic pumps for automatic chemical dosing
  • Temperature sensors
  • Pressure sensors
  • Flow meters
  • Level sensors

The best of these systems also has automated logging capabilities creating documentation for even the most stringent quality assurance program.

The right choice of a CIP system depends on your facility size and budget.  It also depends on the facility layout and your production demands.

Look to MARKS for Your CIP NeedsCIP Systems

Whatever your CIP needs, MARKS has a solution that can help.  MARKS has simple pump carts and designs and manufactures full centralized CIP systems.  MARKS newly designed Mobile CIP Skid is a cost-effective solution that provides excellent sanitation without compromising functionality.  It is a versatile unit with unique key features that saves your facility time and money.

MARKS CIP Skid allows for easy and quick movement to different areas of the facility to perform CIP functions.  The hygienic design and sanitary construction ensure quality and performance.  The skid’s fixtures are designed to meet the needs of any production system.

Special features of MARKS CIP Skid include:

  • Available in 2-vessel, 45-gal or 90-gal tank capacities
  • The 2-vessel skid uses 1 tank for caustic solutions and 1 tank for acid or sanitizer solutions
  • In-tank caustic heater to maintain proper cleaning solution temperature
  • Wash down rated pump with VFD controller
  • Skid-mounted with large casters for easy movement around the facility

Also available features include:

  • Integrated washer basket station for small parts, a Cleaning Out of Place (COP) station is a feature of the 90-gallon system
  • CIP automation for cost efficiency

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