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MARKS Newsletter for Q2 2022

MARKS - June 16, 2022 - 0 comments

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Welcome to MARKS Newsletter for Q2 2022!

Features:MARKS Newsletter for Q2 2022

  • Get to know MARKS
  • Soul and Spirit is Award Winning
  • Craft Brewer Conference Recap
  • El Suenito New MARKS Brewhouse
  • MARKS Equipment Spotlight: Legacy Tanks
  • Shipping Specialty Tanks: Workhorse
  • Contact Information

Get to know MARKS

MARKS Design & Metalworks designs and fabricates custom-made tanks, beverage systems and industrial equipment using American stainless steel from their facility in Vancouver, Washington. Founded in 2012, the company is a leading manufacturer of stainless-steel tanks for sanitary food and industrial usage.


Award Winning Brewery

Congratulations to Soul and Spirit on 9 medals AND being chosen as the “Brewery of the Year” at the Tennessee Championship of Beers! MARKS is proud to build the equipment Soul and Spirit uses to craft these award winning beers! From their website, “Rooted in tradition, yet constantly seeking innovation, Soul & Spirits is a passionate craft brewery that calls Memphis, Tennessee home. We produce magical beers inspired by the soulful music that has come from this region, and our spirit lies in discovery and exploration.”

– Gold – Premium Lager
– Gold – Smoked Dark Lager
– Gold – Hefeweizen
– Silver – Copper Lager
– Silver – Fruited India Pale Ale
– Silver – Oktoberfest
– Silver – Double IPA
– Silver – Chocolate Stout
– Bronze – Beer on Tap

Make sure to check out their Facebook here!


MARKS Design and Metalworks attended the 2022 Craft Brewers Conference in Minneapolis Minnesota. It was a wonderful opportunity to see many of our customers and colleagues in a social setting. Surly Brewing’s Tuesday night social, must have had a quarter of the attendees drinking beers! It’s always a pleasure to run into customers at these events. MARKS hosted our own social as well. Located at Dual Citizen Brewing, in St. Paul Minnesota, MARKS was able to showcase the future 20bbl 4 vessel automated brewhouse Dual Citizen is receiving in Q3 this year.

The show was well attended. We received significant interest in our new relationship with Legacy Tank manufacturing. Having an alternative import tank from the Americas, not sourced from East Asia, resonated strongly with brewers. The geopolitical climate and supply chain constraints was on everyone’s mind when considering the origin of manufacture. With inherently less risk, tanks manufactured in Mexico and shipped to the U.S. offer a value second to none. This fact was reinforced from the strong response we received from CBC attendees.

Beyond offering a new value-priced import tanks, MARKS also took the opportunity to survey brewers on their sustainability initiatives. Armed with clipbords and a list of questions, each MARKS employee diligently interviewed various members of the brewing industry to learn where and how brewers are investing to reduce costs and the carbon footprint of their brewery. The results of this survey were interesting, and is the genesis of an energy efficient brewhouse MARKS intends to bring to CBC 2023.  Watch for progress on this exciting new development.


Dennis and Osbaldo, from El Suenito, have been a great duo to work with and collaborating on a system design was a great experience. Dennis’ brewing background and education from the Master’s Brewer program at UC Davis married nicely into ensuring their custom MARKS system met all their wants, needs and expectations. There is no doubt they will be successful in their craft as the new brewery opens up in Bellingham, WA. 

The design started as a MARKS standard 15 bbl 2 vessel brewhouse. El Suenito wanted to upgraded features to include auto-strike temp for mash-in and auto-knockout temperature features. These features created a problem with their unique space constraints in the building layout. MARKS found a solution in designing and building a unique stacked hot and cold liquor tank. MARKS knows how to accommodate!

Make sure to check out their Instagram here!


Legacy Tanks

Legacy Tecnología Cervecera is a manufacturer of professional stainless steel brewing equipment. Established in 2018 in El Carmen, Mexico. Legacy services more than 35 breweries in the United States, Mexico and Guatemala from startups to installations to expansions and consulting services.

“We wanted to find a value-priced option for cellar tanks that would come from a partner under the United States-Mexican-Canada Agreement (USMCA) so we could improve delivery times and decrease the tariffs our customers pay,” said Mary Novak-Jandrey, manager and owner of MARKS. “We felt it was actually better value than imports coming from overseas,” Novak-Jandrey said. “Plus, they were willing to build based on our quality specifications, which made the partnership a no-brainer.”
“We knew that it would help expand our business and were happy to discuss a partnership,” said A. Amílcar Ferrer, owner and President of Legacy Manufacturing. “We also want to help sell MARKS custom equipment down in Mexico so this is a very mutually beneficial relationship.”

The partnership also enables Legacy to have more capacity to sell complex custom large tanks and MARKS more ability to sell smaller, standard tanks in the future. To learn more, go to Introducing Legacy: MARKS New Value Priced Stainless Steel Tank Option.

Workhorse ordered several large specialty tanks and MARKS delivered! It took two trips to get all of the massive tanks to Pennsylvania.

Thank you for reading the MARKS Newsletter for Q2 2022!

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