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Expanding Cider Production with MARKS Stainless Steel Equipment

MARKS - April 29, 2021 - 0 comments

Thinking of expanding cider production?  Your Cider operation is up and running.  You started small and with the apple juice made the best craft cider.  Next step is to start expanding cider production.  Let MARKS Design and Metalworks help you with the best stainless steel cider equipment in America.

Expanding Cider Production

The Fermenter is key in building the perfect cidery.  The right Fermenter needs to support the cidery’s production style.   MARKS offers custom Fermenters that include closed or open top fermenters.  We also build Variable Capacity Fermenters with a floating top.  This type of Fermenter helps vary the amount of product depending on production needs.  The floating lid can be raised or lower depending on volume need.

The other key piece of equipment for expanding cider production is the Brite Tank.  MARKS manufactures specialized Brite Tanks for the cidery’s special needs.  Our Brite Tanks can be customized to fit within the production facility’s unique dimensions.  Our Brite Tanks are built with full CIP capabilities.  MARKS builds Brite Tanks that are jacketed insulated or with an exposed jacket (single wall), depending on your production needs.

In scaling up production, the cidery will need lagerExpand cider production with fermenters by Marks and more Fermenters and Brite Tanks to add capacity.  With this larger capacity, the production facility will need a special purpose CIP skid.  Turn to MARKS for the best mobile CIP skid with multiple reservoirs that allows for several solution types.  The mobile CIP skid can recapture chemicals to recycle for multiple uses, cutting down on costs and the environmental impact of your brewery.  These skids heat and maintain solution temperature, a real plus that enables the cider-maker to know the chemicals are within their operational range.

MARKS provides customized cider production systems.  We have a fully staffed engineering section with both mechanical and electronic engineers to design your cider production system.  With our engineers, MARKS has the capacity to build ASME rated systems with pressure ratings above 14.9 PSI.

MARKS also has technical consultants that help the cider-maker build the right system.  The consultant partners with the cider-maker determine the right equipment.  The consultant can also work with the customer with site design for larger scale production and distribution across state lines.  MARKS has a full Controls Shop and all our panels are UL listed.  MARKS has a convenient Parts Store that provides the cidery with a full line of maintenance and replacement parts.  MARKS offers a full line of Mixing Vessels, Storage Tanks, and Skid Systems.

MARKS provides complete Cidery systems or expand existing production facilities with individual pieces of equipment.  As a production facility expands, MARKS can provide automation through are in-house custom controls.  MARKS works to form a partnership with each customer.  With our Technical Cider Consultant MARKS provides highly specialized advice in the building or expansion of a cidery operation.  MARKS also offers field service capabilities, including installation of our equipment.

MARKS works in conjunction with CiderScene, and you can find a extensive article on MARKS equipment at their website  CiderScene was started by Trevor and Nolan O’Malley who have created a space where individuals can learn more about what makes cider special.

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