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Our Story

Engineering the future of Stainless Steel Vessels

Ryan Marks, the original founder of MARKS Design and Metalworks, was a skilled craftsman with a vision to change stainless steel fabrication for the better. With cheap imported tanks flowing into the U.S., he knew there had to be a better way. That is why he set out to craft something better. With 20 years of experience in welding and metalworking, he used the highest quality American steel available and sculpted it into the most durable and beautiful equipment he could make. This near-perfect work of art became the inspiration for the quality that MARKS strives to achieve every single day.
Why? Because high quality stainless steel tanks and equipment make a difference in the quality of the work you do. The design, the materials, the parts. All of it. It’s that simple. Today we combine our technical craftsmanship with our engineering and industry know-how, along with our commitment to sustainable manufacturing practices to build the best American-made equipment. Because we love what we do. It all started with a passion for quality—that remains with us today.
In 2018, a new chapter began at MARKS Design and Metalworks when Mary Novak-Jandrey became its sole owner. Mary, a seasoned professional with experiences from multiple industries, brought a fresh perspective to the company. Her focus is diversifying the industries MARKS serves. She introduced a clear Mission and Vision with a process improvement culture, sustainability in our manufacturing processes, and expanded our engineering capabilities. Her passion is creating partnerships with our customers.
MARKS mission is to provide our customers with high quality stainless steel vessels, products, and services that are compatible with the principles of energy efficiency and climate sustainability.
Our vision is to create, fabricate, and provide American-made products that promote clean and renewable energy technologies. To be the leading manufacturer of stainless steel vessels, we work to develop and support the guiding principles of partnership with our customers and employees to enhance the experience of working with MARKS.
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Boldrini Hydraulic Head Press used to form tank heads

Whether it’s craft beer, food & beverage, renewable natural gas, potable water & wastewater, biotech, or general manufacturing industry, we help our partners realize their vision. MARKS fabricates simple to complex stainless steel vessels and equipment using our customers’ designs or creating custom designs with our highly skilled engineering team. Whatever you make, we work to make it better.

Our expansion into various industries has also led us to broaden our product offerings. We now produce custom flanged and dished polished heads. MARKS also has an in-house UL 508-a certified control panel shop. This vertical integration offers our customers a comprehensive range of products and services. For added customer convenience, we also have an online parts store, making it easier for our clients to find and purchase the necessary parts.

Our story is one of growth, innovation, and American-made solutions. We are proud that our equipment is made in America, using American stainless steel. This commitment to quality and reliability is what sets MARKS apart.

MARKS created our research and development department several years ago to help progress our move into sustainable brewing equipment and renewable natural gas. The R&D department works to advance MARKS’ products, processes, and technologies. Its primary focus is researching new ideas, developing new products, and improving existing ones. Our R&D department comprises mechanical, electrical, and process engineers.
MARKS Design and Metalworks has designed the first and only fully integrated, energy-efficient 5bbl brewing system on the U.S. market. Made in America by American engineers and craftsman, this new system is designed to solve an age-old problem in the craft-brewing industry—saving energy AND operational expenses so you can make a larger profit, all while being kinder and gentler to the environment along the way.

Catawba Brewing Co.

Everyone Claims to be custom manufacturers, but MARKS truly does original designs and custom building of equipment. If you have an idea, they can help you design and build it. Our friends at Marks have helped us to continue to grow, increase our productivity and make better quality beer through better tank designs and stellar service.

Scott Pyatt
Chief Operating Officer & Owner

Aslan Brewing Co.

We chose MARKS because they offered comprehensive support to our needs. Whether that was being very open and flexible with customization, working overtime for us to get out project completed on time, to helping us get the equipment into the building, and stood up.

Frank Trosset
Head Brewer / Owner
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