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Our Story

Engineering the future of Stainless Steel Vessels

With over 20 years of metalworking experience, Ryan knew what world-class brewing equipment should be. He also had the vision to see beyond the beer industry, to see how his expertly crafted stainless steel tanks could help grow businesses across the country.

Whether it’s craft beer, hard seltzer, CBD oil or even clean methane systems, we help our partners realize their vision and achieve the impossible using custom designs and the highest-quality materials. Whatever you make, we work to make it better.


Meet the Team


What’s the best thing about our job? It’s getting to work with people who love their careers as much as we do. From brewing to business and everything in between, MARKS ingrains our client’s passion in everything that we do.

Catawba Brewing Co.

Everyone Claims to be custom manufacturers, but MARKS truly does original designs and custom building of equipment. If you have an idea, they can help you design and build it. Our friends at Marks have helped us to continue to grow, increase our productivity and make better quality beer through better tank designs and stellar service.

Scott Pyatt
Chief Operating Officer & Owner

Aslan Brewing Co.

We chose MARKS because they offered comprehensive support to our needs. Whether that was being very open and flexible with customization, working overtime for us to get out project completed on time, to helping us get the equipment into the building, and stood up.

Frank Trosset
Head Brewer / Owner
We are hiring pipefitters!
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