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MARKS New Value Priced Stainless Steel Tank Option

MARKS, a U.S. leader in fabricating custom stainless steel tanks and equipment for the brewery industry introduces its new value priced tank option. If you are looking for conical fermenters or jacketed brite tanks in sizes 1 bbl to 60 bbl, MARKS has an option for you.

Until now, cellar tanks from overseas were a great option to help keep craft brewing costs in line. They often come, however, at the expense of unreliable or long shipment times, very high tariffs, and a lack of service.

MARKS has created a partnership with Legacy manufacturing to become its sole American distributor of value-priced cellar tanks.

Legacy Manufacturing is a leading stainless steel fabricator located in Mexico.  MARKS worked with the engineers and fabricators at Legacy to create cellar tanks built to our specifications.

All Legacy tanks are first delivered to MARKS’ facility in the Pacific Northwest for a thorough quality control check. Valves, clamps, and other parts are added and delivered to you from our U.S. facility.

Not waiting for overseas shipments, craft brewers in America can expect faster delivery and zero tariffs. Plus, each delivery comes with MARKS’ promise for help in design, customization, and installation whenever you need it

  • Tanks are designed to MARKS’ specifications to assure quality of design.
  • All tanks are inspected at MARKS’ facility by our expert craftsman to assure quality of production.
  • Valves and instruments are supplied by MARKS, so getting replacements is easy through our Parts Store.
  • Additional MARKS’ controls and other equipment is available for customizing your brewery.
  • In-house field technicians can help with installation projects.
  • MARKS technical specialists and engineers mean that you always have experts on hand in working through your project.

Introducing Legacy

Our search for a value-priced import option led us to Legacy Manufacturing in Mexico. We decided this was the alternative solution to the overseas supply chain bottlenecks we had been struggling with. Legacy had experience in manufacturing for American companies. The quality of the Mexican import was better than many comparable import tanks, plus, Legacy was willing to build based on MARKS’ quality specifications. MARKS saw the value and created a partnership to be the sole distributor of Legacy Tanks in the U.S. and Canada. MARKS’ Legacy line of value-based cellar tanks are now imported from our trading partners in Mexico and not from China.

When you are looking for that new brewery or for expansion of an existing production facility, getting American-made custom fabricated equipment is always the best option. But sometimes a value-priced quality import might make the most sense. Considering a Legacy cellar tank, made in Mexico, might be the right alternative for you, it is for MARKS.

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