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Project Info

Cold brew coffee is evolving and Riff is a leader in the craft evolution. Riff has taken the concept of cold brew coffee to another level, making it an exciting craft product to build an entire tap room and restaurant around.

Client: Riff Cold Brew Coffee

Date: 2017 - 2020

Location: Bend, Oregon

Project: Cold Brew Coffee System with a beautiful pilot system for the tap room


Riff asked MARKS to build a 15 barrel production system specifically designed for its cold brew coffee system. And not just any ordinary cold brewed coffee system, but the capability to brew with the coffee cherry instead of the bean, brew decaffeinated, brew spiked or fruited or barrel fermented, brew in all sorts of imaginative ways.

In addition to the production system, Riff wanted a statement piece for the center of their serving room – a 3 barrel pilot system made of coffee-black stainless steel!

Our Solutions

MARKS built a production system to Riff’s specifications for their unique coffee brewing. And the pilot system is an awesome statement piece, with customers constantly taking pictures of the pilot system. It has become part of the branding for the craft brewing company.

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