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Specialty Tanks

The MARKS cylindrically-conical (45-degree cone bottom) yeast propagation vessel comes in nine standard sizes. Standard working tank volumes are 3, 5, 8, 10, and 15 barrels (BBL). These propagation vessels are designed with a 25% headspace volume for the storage and propagation of yeast used in the fermentation of beer, spirits, and other beverages. These vessels are designed and outfitted with standard and optional equipment and features to individual customer requirements.

  • Multiple glycol jackets
  • Top mount 18” manway
  • CIP (Clean In Place)
  • Aeration assembly
  • American made
  • 304 Stainless steel
  • Top Mounted Vessel Agitator
  • Load Cell Package (floor mounted)
  • Mobile Process Weighing System
  • Touchscreen Control Panel

Adding flavors to a beverage is one of the driving forces behind the craft beverage movement. MARKS manufactures one of the most versatile infusion vessel product lines on the market. The MARKS Infusion Vessel has various features that empower the master craftsman to extract flavors and aromas in one convenient, labor-saving device. Available in 5bbl and 8bbl models.

  • Portable, with casters that allow the user to move the vessel throughout the facility.
  • Increase in hop use efficiency achieving enhanced sensory analysis with fewer ingredients.
  • Elimination of lengthy steep times for additives.
  • Configuration of the vessel allows for a complete CO2 purge, eliminating the introduction of unwanted oxygen into the product.
  • Designed to accommodate a variety of ingredients and adjuncts, including whole cone or pellet hops, coffee, spices, botanicals, fruits, and more.
  • Safety features, including eliminating the need to access the top of the fermenter for dry hopping.
  • Recirculation ports with tangential rotating elbows aid in extraction.
  • Fabricated from a new stainless 15.5 gal keg
  • Top mounted 6″ TC cap with two accessory ports
  • TCTC Bottom mounted center drain with 2″ TC connection and 90-degree elbow
  • Three legs with swivel casters providing 16″ of space below the keg
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