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Project Info

Castle Danger Brewery started as a small craft brewery build on the shores of Lake Superior. The success of the craft beers led the founders to look for a special stainless steel manufacturer to help greatly expand their brewhouse and cellar capabilities.

Client: Castle Danger Brewery

Date: 2013 - Present

Location: Two Harbors, Minnesota

Project: Expand the brewhouse and cellar storage to increase production to distribute throughout Minnesota, parts of North Dakota and Wisconsin


After outgrowing a 3bbl brewhouse, Castle Danger needed a larger brewing system to brew their special good ales on the North Shore of Lake Superior. They were looking to expand annual production from 1,500 barrels to close to 15,000 barrels for state-wide distribution. With that type of production they needed cellar storage for a canning and kegging operation and an expanded cooler for 22 taps in the year-round taproom overlooking Lake Superior.

Our Solutions

MARKS replaced Castle Dangers’ 2-vessel brewhouse with a custom and efficient 5-vessel system. In addition, MARKS greatly expended the capacity of the brewery with new cellar tanks designed to seamlessly integrate with the expanded line of specialty ales.

MARKS is proud to announce its new partnership with Legacy Tank Manufacturing, featuring standard import tanks from the Americas. 1bbl to 60bbl.
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