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Project Info

Since first starting out in their brewpub in Bellingham, Washington, Aslan Brewery has grown for the Seattle and Bellingham lovers of craft beer. Aslan founders Don and Boe Trosset, Pat Haynes, and Jack Lamb approached MARKS to help them expand their cellars to increase their production.

Client: Aslan Brewing Co.

Date: 2014 - Present

Location: Bellingham, Washington

Project: Increase efficiency while increasing production


The challenge Aslan gave to MARKS was a building with an odd shape and a low ceiling. How do you custom build cellar tanks to an existing brewhouse that is not very efficient due to the building dimensions?

Our Solutions

MARKS solution was not only to build custom cellar tanks to fit the low ceilings of the building, but to redesign the entire brewhouse. In the end Aslan got a new 30 barrel brewhouse specifically designed to fit the building that doubled the brewing capacity and helped to make their award-winning craft beer faster. With all this new capacity, Aslan not only needed the new custom indoor cellar tanks, but special outdoor tanks to continue expansion.

Aslan Brewing Co.

We chose MARKS because they offered comprehensive support to our needs. Whether that was being very open and flexible with customization, working overtime for us to get out project completed on time, to helping us get the equipment into the building, and stood up.

Frank Trosset
Head Brewer / Owner
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