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Project Info

Clean Methane Systems, LLC is the world-wide leader in conditioning and recouping waste stream biogas. The company custom designs, installs, fine-tunes and operates biogas-to-energy systems for manufacturers, consultants, municipalities and energy companies.

Client: Clean Methane Systems, LLC

Date: 2019 - Present

Location: Western U.S.

Project: Finding a manufacturer who could be the one-stop shop for building the entire system


Clean Methane Systems was looking for a stainless steel manufacturer that could provide the engineering and project management, build the custom tanks, build and install the extensive plumbing, pumps, heat tracing, and insulation and create the special programming for all the automated controls for the desulfurization system. The key challenge was providing the project management and engineering for multiple installations.

Our Solutions

MARKS prides itself on its project management and engineering that can meet the requirements of many constituents, including regulators, consumers, utilities and producers. Our skilled welders, fabricators, programmers, and electricians continues to build for Clean Methane Systems end-to-end systems that adhered to the most stringent chemical and engineering standards.

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