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Custom Brewing Systems

Professional equipment & solutions

From design to installation, we’re with you every step of the way. MARKS’ specializes in building creative solutions to your unique challenges.

Innovative Custom Brewing Equipment

Your future solutions

At MARKS, we’ve made it our business to do what others can’t. We’re constantly pushing the boundaries of what’s possible to ensure our clients get exactly what they need. If you are looking for efficiency, our brewhouse designs can achieve up to 95% efficiency. No matter the challenges, we’ll help you brew the beverage you’ve always dreamed of.

Automate Brewing Systems

Maximum efficiency

Automation can increase productivity and reduce overhead costs. With our customized in-house controls, you have the freedom to automate as much or as little of your process as you like. We work with you to discover the solution that works for you.

Expand Production

Serve more product

You’ve got a product you need to share with the world. We help you scale up production and get that drink into glasses around the globe. At MARKS, we help breweries of all sizes do more, brew more, and sell more. With over 20 years of experience, we’re a partner you can count on now and in the future.

Increase Efficiency

Tailor-made solutions

When you order custom, American made equipment from MARKS, you’re getting a solution tailor-made to fit your unique needs. No matter how complex your operation, our engineers can help streamline your systems and optimize your production cycle.

Boost Bottom Line

Brew more, sell more

Innovative automation, increased production, and optimized efficiency can transform a sluggish operation into a powerhouse of brewing excellence. Whether you need a small 5 bbl system or the largest brewing system, our custom options make it possible to grow your business in the ways you want. From the local scene to international markets, MARKS gives you the freedom to pursue your future in brewing.

Brew on Your Budget

Adapting to scale

At MARKS, we offer systems to fit a variety of budgets. MARKS custom, American made equipment is in a class of its own and features MARKS’ signature, in-house engineering, and design. For those not yet ready to invest in a custom set up, we offer imported tanks and systems that are market leaders in design and quality.

Running out of elbow room? Our fully customized equipment ensures that we can help you expand, even if your current space is a little challenging. MARKS works with you to build solutions that meet your brewery’s needs.

Because of the diverse range of products we offer, MARKS can customize an expansion plan that fits your budget. Big or small, we can offer solutions that work for you.

  • Design and Engineering
  • Commercial Equipment
  • Large Scale Equipment
  • Stainless Steel Brewing System
  • Brewpub Equipment
  • Process and Utility Piping
  • Process Controls
  • Delivery
  • Installation and Start Up
  • General Contracting
  • Service and Repair
  • Parts
  • Small Craft Brewery Refurbishing Equipment

The brewhouse is the heart of your operation, and at MARKS, we demonstrate our expertise with every system we build. With our decades of experience, we’re able to manufacture brewhouses to your exacting specifications and work with you to accommodate any special requests or customizations.

The MARKS auto brewhouse control system offers unmatched flexibility. Let our engineers help you create the perfect blend of automated and manual processes and operations. Our brewhouses with semi-automated BCS boost efficiency while still allowing you to have total control of your final product.

  • Design and Engineering
  • Brewhouse Equipment
  • 1 vessel brewhouse
  • 2 vessel brewhouse
  • 3 vessel brewhouse
  • 4 vessel brewhouse
  • 5 vessel brewhouse
  • Lauter Tun
  • Wort Chiller
  • Mash Mixer
  • Brew Kettle
  • Hop Dosing Systems
  • Complete Brewery
  • ASME Certified
  • Piping and Controls
  • Delivery
  • Installation and Start Up
  • Service and Repair
  • Parts

Your customers may not see them, but these unsung heroes of your brewery are no less important than your topside equipment. MARKS offers affordable cellar solutions that allow you to take advantage of the space you have available. Big or small, MARKS can turn your cellar set-up into a model of efficiency and design.

Cellar management is one of the most important aspects of a successful brewery. Our knowledgeable team of sales representatives and engineers can make your dreams a reality. We have the expertise to deliver systems that will change your business.

  • Design and Engineering
  • Unitanks
  • Brite Tanks
  • Yeast Propagation Tanks
  • CIP Systems for Breweries
  • Fermenters
  • ASME Certified
  • Piping and Controls
  • Delivery
  • Installation and Start Up
  • Service and Repair
  • Parts

The people have spoken, and they want hops. Our infusers are the perfect way to develop the unique flavor profile you’re looking for. Whether it’s just a hint or a figurative freight train, we have the solutions to get your hop levels on point.

MARKS offers solutions that help you develop your signature flavor profile. From the traditional to the wildly unorthodox, we have the tools to get your product exactly where you want it to be.

  • Design and Engineering
  • Infusion Vessels
  • Hop Dosing
  • Dosing Baskets
  • Dry hopping
  • Advanced Sensory Analysis
  • Efficient Hop Utilization
  • Cleanable Design
  • Delivery and Hookup
  • Service and Repair
  • Parts

For those not yet ready to invest in a custom set up, we offer imported stainless steel tanks that are miles ahead of what others offer. Our imported tanks feature MARKS custom controls and are subject to rigorous testing before they ever leave our facilities. This ensures your imported tanks are fully functional, saving you time and money.

Because MARKS offers both custom, American-made tanks as well as high-quality imports, you’re free to mix and match to create the perfect solution for your budget.

  • Design and Engineering
  • Custom Dimensions
  • Factory Acceptance Testing
  • ASME Certified
  • Stainless Steel Tanks
  • High Pressure Tanks
  • Hot and Cold Processes
  • Wet and Dry Product Tanks
  • Lagering Tanks
  • Serving Tanks
  • Storage Tanks
  • Tank Head Manufacturing
  • Manways
  • Delivery and Hookup
  • Service and Repair
  • Parts

American steel. Expert engineering. Our brewery equipment speaks for itself. From neighborhood brewpubs to established national brands, custom equipment from MARKS is the gold standard across the industry. For over 20 years, brewers have trusted our solutions for one simple reason:
MARKS means quality.

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Brewery Expansion

Castle Danger Brewery started as a small craft brewery build on the shores of Lake Superior. The success of the craft beers led the founders to look for a special stainless steel manufacturer to help greatly expand their brewhouse and cellar capabilities.

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Building an Entire Industrial System

Clean Methane Systems, LLC is the world-wide leader in conditioning and recouping waste stream biogas. The company custom designs, installs, fine-tunes and operates biogas-to-energy systems for manufacturers, consultants, municipalities and energy companies.

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Gaining Production & Efficiency

Since first starting out in their brewpub in Bellingham, Washington, Aslan Brewery has grown for the Seattle and Bellingham lovers of craft beer. Aslan founders Don and Boe Trosset, Pat Haynes, and Jack Lamb approached MARKS to help them expand their cellars to increase their production.

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Brewery Expansion

Starting in 1999 in Morganton, North Carolina, Catawba has grown into a major regional brewery. MARKS worked with Catawba every step of the way, from expanding their original brewery to building out new acquisitions with new brewhouses, unique cellar tanks, and expanding outdoors when there was

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