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1-2BBL Conical Fermenter (Legacy Beverage Tanks Distributed By MARKS)

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General Description

MARKS is proud to offer a line of import fermentation tanks manufactured by our partner, Legacy Tank (Origin of manufacture, Querétaro Mexico)

Each tank is shipped to MARKS’ Vancouver location to undergo a thorough quality control process.

General Features
  • All Interior welds ground to a smooth 150 grit sanitary finish
  • Tank shell and cooling jackets are designed to operate at 14.9 PSI
  • Sidewall and cone dimpled cooling zones, Chloride-free insulation
  • Unitanks/fermenters are designed with 25% headspace
  • Interior tank shell is 2b finish stainless steel
  • Exterior is #4 finish stainless steel
  • Tank legs have adjustable foot pads drilled for floor anchors
  • 16″ Top-mounted manway
  • Rotating racking arm
  • 60-degree conical bottom terminating in a 4” to 1.5” TC cap reducer.
  • Removable 360° rotating CIP spray ball assembly with downtube
  • Top-mounted VPRV Port (VPRV not included but available)
  • Three Shell mounted 1 ½” TC ferrules (carb stone, sample port, sanitary RTD)

Note: Some features may vary by size.

*Optional Accessories often purchased with this tank…

  • Fermenter Tank Accessory Pack


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1bbl, 2bbl

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