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Hop Infusion Vessel -In Stock- Ready To Ship

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MARKS Currently has up to 4, 5bbl Infusion Vessels 90% completed in inventory and ready for shipment. Expect shipment approximately 3 weeks after the purchase date.

Sale Price: $ 15,210 FOB Vancouver Washington

Original Price: $16,000

Discount: 10% off


Adding flavors to a basic beverage is one of the driving forces behind the craft beverage movement. Customers identify with various brands through their unique flavor profile. MARKS Design and Metalworks manufactures one of the most versatile infusion vessel product lines on the market. The MARKS Infusion Vessel is equipped with a variety of features that empowers the master craftsman to extract flavors and aromas in one convenient, labor saving device. MARKS Infusion Vessel provides the ability to introduce flavor profiles and aroma characteristics into your craft beverage. This functionality is applicable to the beer industry, spirits, cider, kombucha, seltzer, coffee, or any other craft beverage where quality and consistency are vital.

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