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1-3BBL Conical Fermenter-MARKS (USA Made)

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All Interior welds ground to a smooth 150 grit sanitary finish
Tank shell and cooling jackets are designed to operate at 14.9 PSI
Sidewall and cone dimpled cooling zones, Chloride-free insulation
Unitanks/fermenters are designed with 25% headspace
Interior tank shell is 2b finish stainless steel
Exterior is #4 finish stainless steel
Tank legs have adjustable foot pads drilled for floor anchors (unless seismic calculations determine otherwise)
Top mounted manway
60° cone bottom, Rotating racking arm with DIN interface and TC process connection
Removable 360° rotating CIP spray ball assembly
Top mounted VPRV
Top mounted hop port
Shell mounted sample port with sample valve
Shell mounted carbonation port (carbonation stone not included)
Shell mounted temperature sensor well (RTD not included)
(3) sanitary butterfly valves included

Note: Some features may vary by size.

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1bbl, 2bbl, 3bbl

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