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With every step of the brewing process overflowing with options, our in-house engineers and design teams work directly with your team and provide 3D modeling, proper piping, and instrument design customized to your particular specifications and production needs. From brewery and automation systems to cold brew and CIP systems, Marks systems provide superior performance and versatility at every phase of the brewing process.

Brewing Systems

Let us build the system your brewhouse demands. From five to 150 barrels, two to six vessels, steam- or direct-fired, let Marks design and build the brewery your craft beer, and location, demands. With many custom brewery system installs under our belt, we can help with projects of practically any size; from smaller hot or cold one-off systems, to complete, turn-key systems.

From small batch to large quantities, we offer brewing systems for microbreweries and brewpubs anywhere from 1 - 400 BBL, with cellar sizes ranging from 1 - 1500 BBL.  

Read more about our brewing systems process and capabilities here.


10 bbl brewhouse


Controls and Automation

Our customer control and automation systems are specifically designed to integrate with your brewery’s needs. From five barrel, two vessel all-manual systems to fully automated 150 barrel, six vessel breweries—our customized process sequencing and controls are built to increase efficiencies in your brewing, safety, labor, and aid in batch consistency.


Pilot Systems

Not sure if you need a complete, customized system or does your brewery want a smaller system to experiment creating new beers? Our simplified 5 BBL pilot brewing system is designed with the same attention to quality and features all the same core components of our larger builds. Perfect for startup and nano breweries looking to expand or any location with space constraints, let’s talk about us help you take your production to the next level.


Cold Brew Systems

We’ve brought our brewery system expertise to the rapidly expanding cold brew coffee industry. For coffee shops and roasters interested in producing cold brew, we design and fabricate stainless steel cold brewing systems for operations ranging from 30 to 1800 gal. Our completely customizable cold brew systems feature:
  • a rake-style mixer with variable speed controls
  • removable false bottom under screen spray jets
  • sanitary magflow meter for precise liquid volume measurement
  • efficient dimpled jacket design for rapid cooling and temperature control


CIP Systems

Any brewer will tell you, most of their time is spent cleaning thanks.  Clean-in-place (CIP) has become the industry standard for cleaning because it saves time, reduces employee’s exposure to harmful chemicals, eliminates a majority of the human error element when scrubbing, and ends up saving you money on chemicals in the long run. Let us design and build a CIP system to meet your breweries specific needs and requirements.


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