Our Story


Renowned fabricator Ryan Marks, had over 20 years of quality behind him before Marks Design and Metal Works. He started this business to outfit talented brewers with the equipment needed to make great brew.

Ryan started working with tanks and stainless steel in 1990 at St George Steel in Southern Utah. In 1994 Ryan moved back to the Northwest, accepting a job at Helser Ind. Later he was recruited to fabricate stainless steel tanks for a company in Canby, OR.

In 2008, Ryan opened a machine shop business doing various custom machined parts. During this time, he and a former colleague started to collaborate on building tanks. At the start, they were in a 1 car garage and Ryan was the only employee. His partner specialized  in sales and Ryan brought the fabrication to the table. A year and a half later, they went from a 2 man operation, to a company that employs 70+ skilled individuals and closes 15 million dollars in tank sales annually.

Ryan has supervised almost every facet of tank fabrication, including pharmaceutical tanks, mixer systems, machined parts, wine vessels, brewery tanks, brewhouse systems and distillery tanks. His extensive experience and expertise led him to name his company Marks Design and Metal Works, believing that his name and reputation should be at stake in every partnership. "Our name is everything"

Shortly after opening, Marks Design and Metal Works grew out of it's first facility, a 14,500 sq/ft shop in Washougal, WA. The new facility is 26,000 sq/ft and is located in Vancouver, WA. We are lucky enough to be the first occupants of this beautiful new facility in the heart of the NorthWest Craft Brewing phenomenon. Through great service, superior products focus on our partnerships and with the best warranty available in the industry, we continue to grow and enjoy success. 

Thank you for the opportunity to prove it!


Marks Design and Metalworks - Custom Brew Tanks and Brewing Systems for American Made Brewhouses


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