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Industrial Processing, Brewing & Storage

Diverse Solutions for Modern Business

We offer design, engineering, and fabrication solutions paired with unparalleled customer service and support. Our customers trust our equipment for one simple reason, MARKS means quality. With decades of experience, MARKS has proven that American made is more than just a tag line. It’s the best way to achieve peak production and storage efficiency.

Fabrication for You

Fabrication for You

MARKS systems are customized in-house to fit your industry’s unique needs. Need equipment for your own production? Creating designs to resell? We’ve got you covered!

Full-Service Solutions

Full-Service Solutions

More than a vendor, MARKS has the know-how and the fabrication facilities to take your project from design to completion.

  • CBD
  • THC
  • Methane processing
  • Liquid gas
  • Ethanol
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Chemicals
  • Food production
  • Grain
  • CO2 Capture
  • Yeast production
  • Water treatment
  • Algae
  • Enzyme production and harvesting
  • Bioscience applications

From minor updates to full designs, if you need it, we can build it. At MARKS, we specialize in providing end-to-end solutions. No matter what your job requires, our engineers and welders get it done right.

We fabricate stainless steel vessels and equipment of all sizes, shapes, and weights

Store liquefied or compressed gasses in our high-pressure, ASME certified tanks

Our vessels can be customized with systems to meet your temperature requirements

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Can MARKS help me automate my industrial process?

Absolutely! It’s what we do best. Marks offers custom automation solutions for every step of your production or storage process. From manual to touch screens controls, we help you reduce time and labor costs without sacrificing quality.

Are MARKS tanks good for dry materials?

Yes. We can design stainless steel vessels to process and store any dry material, assuring that the equipment is built to withstand abrasions and give years of service.

Can MARKS’ tanks handle highly specialized products?

We have the capability to design and build corrosive resistant stainless steel tanks, equipment and specialized products. Our engineers will work with you to optimize the designs to meet your processing and storage needs.

Catawba Brewing Co.

Everyone Claims to be custom manufacturers, but MARKS truly does original designs and custom building of equipment. If you have an idea, they can help you design and build it. Our friends at Marks have helped us to continue to grow, increase our productivity and make better quality beer through better tank designs and stellar service.

Scott Pyatt
Chief Operating Officer & Owner

Aslan Brewing Co.

We chose MARKS because they offered comprehensive support to our needs. Whether that was being very open and flexible with customization, working overtime for us to get out project completed on time, to helping us get the equipment into the building, and stood up.

Frank Trosset
Head Brewer / Owner

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