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New EnergyCraft™ Brewing System from MARKS – Layout and Installation

MARKS - April 26, 2023 - 0 comments

MARKS’ innovative new EnergyCraftTM brewing system is designed to be the most energy efficient 5bbl brewhouse on the market. We are proud of all its groundbreaking design features that let you focus on brewing great beer, while the system manages the energy you use to make it. But there is more to our great design. EnergyCraftTM is space-saving and easy to install. Let’s explore both of those money saving features.

Square space brewhouse layout

Square space brewhouse layout

The new EnergyCraftTM brewing system is designed to fit in small spaces, making it ideal for brewpubs, restaurants, and as a pilot system. Knowing space is expensive and hard to find, the engineers at MARKS designed the brewhouse to go into a space as small as 19’ by 13’. Ceiling space can be as low as 12’.

Depending on the number of cellar tanks you add, you could put the entire brewery into the back of a restaurant! So, you can plan the brewpub of your dreams and save money upfront in the need for space.

Long hallway/brewpub layout

Long hallway/brewpub layout

Have limited space for moving the equipment into the new brewery? No problem with EnergyCraftTM. The compact design allows you to move the equipment through a relatively narrow hallway or door on our drop-and-go skid. If your hallways are really tight, the brewhouse can come off the skid and moved through a doorway in pieces. MARKS has developed a versatile brewhouse to meet the most demanding space needs.

As you consider which new brewhouse is right for your business, consider the hidden costs of installation. Besides basic preparation of the site (i.e., putting in the basic electricity, flooring, floor drains, and so forth), there are installation costs that come with the type of brewhouse system you buy. Many new brewers don’t plan for all these costs, which could be more than $50,000, and often not fully budgeted for.

How does installation of the EnergyCraftTM brewing system compare to other products? The table below lays out some common installation requirements among the various brewhouse options on the market today.

Not only is EnergyCraftTM easy to install with its “plug-and-play” skid-based design, but it saves you precious money in the hidden installation costs. Our estimates of savings from customer installation experiences vary by type of brewhouse but can be substantial.

  • Simple to Own – Made in America, crafted by American workers using American steel.
  • Simple to Install and Save Space – Get your business—and your profits—up and running in less time with our compact footprint and “drop-and-go” skid design.
  • Simple to Operate – Thoughtfully engineered sensors and automation enable the EnergyCraft™ brewing system to operate more efficiently than any other craft brewing system currently on the market.
  • Simple to Manage Energy Flow – Track and manage your energy usage using real-time data monitoring courtesy of our proprietary Energy Management Control Center (EMC2).
  • Simple to Increase Profits – After purchasing your EnergyCraft™ system, you can expect a shorter return on your investment (ROI) thanks to lower installation costs, faster to production, ongoing energy savings, and potential utility rebates.
  • Simple to Make the Environment Better – By lowering the energy used in your craft brewing operations, you not only save money, but you create a better environment while doing it.

Want to see this exciting new 5bbl Brewhouse? Visit us at the Craft Brewers Conference (May 7 through May 10th) in Nashville. The unique EnergyCraft™ brewing system will be on display at Booth 2425. Or contact us today at to discuss this revolutionary new advancement in brewing.

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