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MARKS Newsletter for Q3 2023

MARKS - November 14, 2023 - 0 comments

–  Larrabee Lager
–  Steven at Yakima Chief Hops
–  Great American Beer Festival Winners
–  Controls and Automation
–  MARKS Equipment Spotlight
–  Contact Information

Get to know MARKS

We are a major U.S. manufacturer of custom stainless-steel vessels and equipment. If you need something mixed, stored, piped, processed, or fermented, our team of engineers can make it happen. We can manufacture tanks as large as 42’ tall and up to 15 tons.

Larrabee Lager

In August, the vibrant beer scene in Bellingham, WA, welcomed a fantastic new addition to its brewing scene – Larrabee Lager! We at MARKS Design are thrilled and proud to have brought this dream to life by manufacturing and installing a 20bbl 3-vessel system and lager tanks, ensuring the highest quality for their brewing process.

Larrabee Lager has a communal-style beer hall that beautifully echoes the rich and welcoming spirit of traditional European brewing cultures. This unique space is perfect for gathering with friends and family or even making new connections over a pint of expertly crafted lagers. Larrabee Lager is already making waves with their wide variety of world-class lagers. Each brew is a testament to their dedication to quality and flavor, offering something special for every palate.

If you find yourself in Bellingham, take the chance to visit. Whether you’re a local or just passing through, their doors are open, and their taps are ready to serve you some of the finest lagers!

Checkout Larabbee Lager here: 

Steven @ Yakima Chief Hops

Steven from our Technical Sales team was at Yakima Chief Hops in September for a fresh hop Simcoe brew on the MARKS 3bbl Pilot system. The system is designed for hop trials in collaboration with the YCH team. Plenty of brews have been made on the brewhouse recently as harvest season has been in full swing, and the beers have been tasting outstanding!

The Yakima Chief 3bbl Pilot System was the first iteration of our brand new line of equipment, EnergyCraft! Check it out here:

Great American Beer Festival Winners

Controls and Automation for Your Brewery

Efficiency and productivity of the operations, as well as the quality of the beer, is at the heart of a successful brewery. Equipping your brewery with advanced controls and automation can make all the difference in the competitive landscape that is craft beer. Working with MARKS Design and Metalworks for controls and automation brings you a perfect partnership.

Learn more about our controls and automation capabilities here:

MARKS Equipment Spotlight

Recognizing the importance of yeast management in the craft beer industry, MARKS  has dedicated itself to providing custom solutions tailored to each brewery’s unique needs. Our custom yeast brinks and propagators are USA sourced and fabricated. They are crafted with precision, ensuring that the yeast is maintained in optimum conditions throughout its lifecycle.

MARKS doesn’t stop at merely offering tank solutions. Our yeast systems can be equipped with advanced controls and automation. This means brewers can set up specific “recipes” for yeast propagation, ensuring that parameters like temperature, oxygen levels, and mixing rates are consistently maintained.

One of the standout features of our automation system is remote monitoring. In an era where being physically present at the brewery 24/7 is not feasible, having the capability to monitor and adjust the system remotely is invaluable. It ensures that any potential issues can be identified and managed in real-time, preserving the yeast’s health and ultimately the quality of the beer being brewed.

In the evolving world of craft brewing, the emphasis is on innovation, quality, and consistency. By investing in efficient yeast management solutions like yeast brinks and propagators, breweries not only save on operational costs but also ensure that the beer they produce meets the high standards their beer followers expect. The beer we love is as much a product of the passionate brewer as it is of the tiny yeast cells that work tirelessly behind the scenes. Cheers to them!

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