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MARKS Newsletter for Q1 2023 (EnergyCraft Edition)

MARKS - April 19, 2023 - 1 comment

Get to know the EnergyCraft™ Brewing System by MARKS

MARKS Design and Metalworks has designed the first and only fully integrated, energy-efficient 5bbl brewing system on the U.S. market. Made in America by American engineers and craftsman, this new system is designed to solve an age-old problem in the craft-brewing industry—saving energy AND operational expenses so you can make a larger profit, all while being kinder and gentler to the environment along the way.

Read more about EnergyCraft here!

–  Introducing the EnergyCraft™ Brewing System
–  Yakima Chief Prototypes EnergyCraft™
–  The First EnergyCraft™ System Goes to SingleSpeed Brewing
–  Come See EnergyCraft @ the Craft Brewers Conference
–  Contact Information
energy efficient 5 barrel brewing system

Introducing the EnergyCraft™ Brewing System

Simple to Install and Save Space – Get up and running in less time with our compact layout footprint “drop-and-go” skid-based design.

Simple to Operate – Highly engineered sensors and automation enables the system to operate more efficiently than any other craft brewing system currently on the market. EnergyCraft focuses on energy management so you can focus on brewing great beer!

Simple to Manage Energy Flow – Track and manage your energy usage using real-time data monitoring courtesy of our proprietary Energy Management Control Center (EMC2).

Simple to Increase Profits – After purchasing your EnergyCraft system, you can expect a payback on your investment through lower installation costs, no need for additional equipment purchases, ongoing energy savings, and potential utility rebates.

Simple to Make the Environment Better – By lowering your energy usage, you save money and create a better environment!

What makes MARKS EnergyCraft different from other 5bbl brewing systems on the market today?

  • Exclusive MARKS’ Energy Management Control Center (EMC2) assures the most energy-efficient use of heating and cooling during the brewing and cellaring processes
  • Fully integrated brewhouse and cellar controls
  • Highly efficient, fully integrated stack condenser
  • Energy-saving dual-stage heat exchanger integrated into the brewing process
  • Unique compact “uni-body” design to provide the most brewing capacity in the smallest footprint

75% estimated annual savings through reduced electricity usage for cooling during the brewing and cellaring process, based on estimates using the Oregon Energy Trust calculations.

51% estimated annual savings through reduced electricity usage for heating during the brewing process, based on estimates using the Oregon Energy Trust calculations.

Major savings on installation costs compared to other 5bbl brewhouses.

Yakima Chief Prototypes EnergyCraft™

MARKS partnered with Yakima Chief Hops (YCH) and Yakima Chief Ranches (YCR) in designing and building the first two energy-efficient brewhouses from our EnergyCraft™ line of equipment to make their hop trial beers.

Yakima Chief Hops is a 100% grower-owned network of family hop farms that globally supplies many hop varieties. Its sister company, Yakima Chief Ranches, develops new hop varieties in its extensive breeding program. The combined Yakima Chiefs are the industry leader in brewing solutions and hops innovation. Their pioneering efforts in research and full sensory analysis of hop profiles provide brewers with the best hops to make great craft beer.

The highly customized MARKS Pilot Brewhouses built for Yakima Chief were MARKS‘ prototype that laid the foundation for the new EnergyCraft™ brewing system. Yakima Chief’s brewhouses are high-tech systems that unite brewing with data logging and tracking using built-in monitoring. It is powered and monitored by MARKS‘ new Energy Management Control Center technology. The systems have full electrical power metering, optimizing energy efficiencies to maximize heat recovery.

The First EnergyCraft™ System goes to Single Speed Brewing

MARKS’ first true 5BBL EnergyCraft brewing system is on its way to SingleSpeed Brewing in Iowa! 

MARKS EnergyCraft™ two vessel brewhouse consists of two dedicated brewing vessels, a Mash/Lauter and Boil Kettle/Whirlpool. The two-vessel brewhouse is built on an elevated brewing skid with integrated hot liquor and cold glycol/water storage tanks. Brewhouse includes all needed pumps, piping, instrumentation, heat exchanger, heaters, and controls.

Come See EnergyCraft™ @ the Craft Brewers Conference

Want to see this exciting new 5bbl Brewhouse? Come visit us at the Craft Brewers Conference (May 7 through May 10th) in Nashville. The EnergyCraft brewing system will be at

Booth 2425. Or contact us today at to discuss this revolutionary new advancement in brewing.

Want to see MARKS in action? Checkout this video!

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  1. Thomas DePre

    I am intrigued by the Energy Craft System and your claims of significant energy savings.
    Do you plan to incorporate these same energy techniques in 10 BBL two, three or four vessel brewhouse configurations or is it only for a 5 BBL two vessel configuration?
    I like that all the components are made in the USA.

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