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Best Custom Designed Infusion Vessel for Craft Beverages – Enhance the Flavor!

MARKS - August 18, 2021 - 2 comments

Adding flavors with an infusion vessel to a basic beverage is one of the driving forces behind the craft beverage movement.  Customers identify with various brands through their unique flavor profile.  MARKS Design and Metalworks manufactures one of the best and most versatile infusion vessel product lines on the market.  The MARKS Infusion Vessels are equipped with a variety of features that empowers the master craftsman to extract flavors and aromas in one convenient, labor saving device.  MARKS Infusion Vessels provide the ability to introduce flavor profiles and aroma characteristics into your craft beverage.  This functionality is applicable to the beer industry, spirits, cider, kombucha, seltzer, coffee, or any other craft beverage where quality and consistency are vital.

Key Features of the Infusion Vessel

Infusion Vessels

  • Totally portable, with casters that allow the user to move the vessel throughout the facility.
  • Increase in hop usage achieves enhanced sensory analysis with less ingredients.
  • Elimination of lengthy steep times for additives.
  • Configuration of the vessel allows for a full CO2 purge, eliminating the introduction of unwanted oxygen into the product.
  • Removable screen design allows for thorough inspection.
  • Designed to accommodate a variety of ingredients and adjuncts, including whole cone or pellet hops, coffee, spices, botanicals, fruits and more.
  • Safety features, including the elimination of the need to access the top of the fermenter for dry hopping.
  • Recirculation ports with tangential rotating elbows aids in extraction.
  • Designed and manufactured in the USA, MARKS line of infusion vessels is made with the highest of quality control and material sourcing.

Design Specifications

Available in 5bbl and 8bbl models

  • Manufactured using U.S. 304 stainless steel.
  • Dished bottom with the MARKS innovative “5-point PentaDrain” with 1.5” ports.
    • Allows for optimal flowrate while reducing channeling.
    • Designed to optimize drainage without pulling a vacuum or impeding flow.
    • 5” tri-clamp connection for optional carbonation stone and/or gas purging.
    • 2” drain allows for easy removal of spent hops and adjuncts.
  • 3-piece milled screen false bottom.
    • Keeps particulate within the tank and creates filter bed for ingredients.
    • Removable for thorough inspection.
    • Allows for use of a variety of ingredients, including Hops (whole leaf, whole cones, or pellets), coffee, coconut, fruit and citrus peel, herbs, peppers, or whatever you can dream up.
    • Recirculation while utilizing the false bottom.
    • Infusion vessel can be used without false bottom to pump slurry directly into beverage tank.
  • 2 Rotating racking arms.
    • Lowest racking arm is removable and used for re-circulation. It also serves as a secondary draw off point.
      • By directing the recirculation of liquid at an upward angle, this tank can increase product utilization though improved suspension and contact rates.
    • Top rotating racking arm used for recirculation and as a sample port.
      • By directing the recirculation of liquid at a downward angle, this tank can increase product utilization by directing floating particulate under the liquid’s surface.
    • Internal whirlpool baffle to assist with mixing and blending.
  • Dedicated CIP arm.
    • Dedicated CIP spray ball to ensure complete cleaning of vessel, screens, and false bottom.
  • Secondary blowoff arm that can be used for recirculation and inline infusion.
    • Pressure release valve (PRV).
    • Equipped with a pressure gauge for optional spunding operations.
  • Side mount 20” pressure manway allows for easy access and removal of the false bottom.
  • Top mount 12” sanitary glass manway that allows ability to inspect interior of vessel without exposing to atmosphere.
  • Mobile – 4 legs on locking casters for portability within facility.
    • Ergonomically designed handle for transport.
  • T.C. port for optional Sanitary Mixer upgrade (VFD, Mixer ½ HP 175 RPM)
    • Increases mixing within the tank beyond recirculation. This leads to greater product suspension in solution, increasing yields of items such as essential oils and resins in hops and additives, while mitigating risk of shear damage.
    • The built-in 6” top mount T.C. port allows for easy installation and removal of a mixer.

MARKS Infusion Vessel

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  2. I would like to learn more about your flavor infusion technology and apparatus that can be used for industry scale production
    Patrick chin

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