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MARKS Best Selling Hop Equipment for 2021

MARKS - August 19, 2021 - 0 comments

It is hops season again and brewers are going to need hop equipment!  Our neighbors in Yakima Valley are putting out a great harvest again this year.  MARKS Design and Metalworks (MARKS) has the complete catalog of hop equipment to bring that great hop flavor and aroma to all your brews.

Hop Equipment Best Sellers

Hop Equipment - Mini Dry Hop Doser

Mini Dry Hop Doser – Our customers use this special piece of equipment to purge the hop load with an inert gas before dosing the cellar tank with additional hop material. Add dry hop additions while reducing potential oxygen uptake.
Hop Equipment - Dry Hop Funnel 4” TC Dry Hop Funnel – This nifty piece of equipment has lots of great features:

o   15lb pelletized hops capacity

o   All stainless steel dry hop funnel

o   4” TC fitting to align with most dry hop ports

o   Hinged stainless lid option for containing CO2 Pillow that reduces O2 intake

o   Multi use slope funnel for other adjuncts or fruit additions

o   Large 12” ID opening

Hop Equipment - Hop Cap Hop Caps – Much needed basic stainless steel cap for inserting hops from the dome of the tank.
Hop Equipment - Hop Back The Big Aroma Hop Back – This is a beautiful American-made stainless steel Hop Back specially designed for big hop and adjunct aroma.  Features include:

o   Adjustable insert for clean, consistent wort aroma profile.

o   Simple vertical lift attachment for easy removal of spent hop cones.

o   Built-in CIP Spray Ball for routine cleaning between brews.

o   Available in multiple sizes.

Hop Equipment - Infusion Vessel Infusion Vessel – MARKS builds one of the most versatile infusion vessel product lines on the market.  The MARKS Infusion Vessel is equipped with a variety of features that empowers the master craftsman to extract flavors and aromas in one convenient, labor-saving device.

o   Available in 5bbl and 8bbl models

o   Totally portable, with casters that allow the user to move the vessel throughout the facility

o   Increase in hop usage achieves enhanced sensory analysis with less ingredients

o   Elimination of lengthy steep times for additives

o   Configuration of the vessel allows for a full CO2 purge, eliminating the introduction of unwanted oxygen into the product

o   Removable screen design allows for thorough inspection

o   Designed to accommodate a variety of ingredients and adjuncts, including whole cone or pellet hops, coffee, spices, botanicals, fruits and more

o   Safety features, including the elimination of the need to access the top of the fermenter for dry hopping

o   Recirculation ports with tangential rotating elbows aids in extraction

Look to MARKS to help your hop brewing season be more successful.  MARKS is proud of our custom crafted stainless steel tanks and equipment.  As a leading tank manufacturer, we maintain a full inventory of parts and equipment for the craft beer and beverage industry.

Our Online Parts Store has a broad selection of over 750 parts and small equipment.  Prices are very competitive and many items are lower than you will find elsewhere.

Visit MARKS Parts Store for all your hop equipment needs.

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