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Introducing the Solution to Brewing’s Heating and Cooling Problems: The EnergyCraft™ Brewing System from MARKS

MARKS - March 28, 2023 - 0 comments

In our earlier blog posts, we clearly identified the energy-sucking problems associated with craft brewing. While it’s a fun and rewarding (ok, and kind of sexy!) business, it’s time to help small business owners everywhere squeeze more profits from this centuries-old craft. Improving the energy-efficiency of craft brewing not only helps increase profits for business owners, but it also has a very positive impact on the environment, too.

Our first blog post noted that securing and analyzing data in your brewing system is a big key to improving its overall energy efficiency.  In blogs 3 and 4, we discussed the importance of understanding and controlling how much energy is required to heat and cool in the brewing process in order to save energy and reduce expenses. What we haven’t told you yet is that there is a solution to all these problems, one we have been working on for some time.

energy efficient 5 barrel brewing system with grist caseMARKS Design and Metalworks has designed the first and only fully integrated, energy-efficient 5bbl brewing system on the U.S. market. Made in America by American engineers and craftsman, this new system is designed to solve an age-old problem in the craft-brewing industry—saving energy AND operational expenses so you can make a larger profit, all while being kinder and gentler to the environment along the way.

  • Exclusive MARKS’ Energy Management Control Center (EMC2) assures the most energy-efficient use of heating and cooling during the brewing and cellaring processes
  • Fully integrated brewhouse and cellar controls
  • Highly efficient, fully integrated stack condenser
  • Energy-saving dual-stage heat exchanger integrated into the brewing process
  • Unique compact “uni-body” design to provide the most brewing capacity in the smallest footprint
  • Follow the link to see more specifications for the EnergyCraftTM Brewing System
  • Simple to Install and Save Space – Get your business—and your profits—up and running in less time* with our compact footprint and “drop-and-go” skid-based design.
  • Simple to Operate – Sensors and automation enable the system to operate more efficiently than any other craft brewing system currently on the market. EnergyCraft™ brewing systems focus on energy management so you can focus on brewing great beer.
  • Simple to Manage Energy Flow – Track and manage your energy usage using real-time data monitoring courtesy of our proprietary Energy Management Control Center (EMC2).
  • Simple to Increase Profits – After purchasing your EnergyCraft™ system, you can expect a shorter return on your investment thanks to lower installation costs*, no additional equipment purchases needed, ongoing energy savings, and potential utility rebates.**
  • Simple to Make the Environment Better – By lowering the energy used in your craft brewing operations, you not only save money, but you create a better environment while doing it.

75% estimated annual savings through the reduction in electricity usage for cooling during the brewing and cellaring process.

51% estimated annual savings through the reduction in electricity usage for heating during the brewing process.

Major savings on installation costs compared to other 5bbl brewhouses.

EnergyCraft’s™ unique design with its fully monitored energy technology manages all the electrical energy used in the heating and cooling processes during brewing. The energy management is powered by our proprietary Energy Management Control Center technology that constantly balances the need for heating and cooling during brewing. It is so efficient that there is generally no need for an outside cold liquor tank. It’s so efficient that the integrated stack condenser eliminates the need for a vent in the roof for steam to escape. And it’s so efficient, there’s even no need for a boiler!

Now you can focus on crafting your best beers while the EnergyCraft™ system takes care of finding the most energy efficient way to brew it up.

Want to see this exciting new 5bbl Brewhouse? Come visit us at the Craft Brewers Conference (May 7 through May 10th) in Nashville. The unique EnergyCraft™ Brewing System will be on display at Booth 2425. Or contact us today at to discuss this revolutionary new advancement in brewing.

*vs. regular competitors.

**Rebates may be available for energy-saving purchases in your state.

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