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Craft Brewers Conference

The Craft Brewers Conference 2020 in San Antonio may be canceled, but we’re still forging ahead (virtually)! In lieu of gathering, we will share timely educational content for brewers to help your business thrive in unprecedented times. Sign up to receive MARKS Diversifying Your Brewery Newsletter Series starting 4/20/2020.

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Now more than ever, brewers must broaden their product offerings. In the centerpiece article of MARKS Diversifying Your Brewery Newsletter Series, we will share our experience helping many brewers expand into an array of beverage industries through modifying existing equipment.

Get insider information on how to:

  • Diversify while containing costs
  • Gain new customers through new products
  • Capture new markets
hops and coffee beans
beer wine alcohol bottles on shelf with prices

Our Diversifying Your Brewery Newsletter Series is especially timely, given the rapid reduction of beer sales through pubs and restaurants. When you sign up, you’ll receive recent case studies from MARKS directly to your inbox. Find out how your colleague brewers conquered cold brew coffee, hard cider, hard seltzer, and wine.


Case Study 1: Diversification 101: Can a Brewery Make Hard Seltzer?

Case Study 2: Add Wine Making Equipment to Your Beer Brewing Business

Case Study 3: Thinking about Cold Brew Coffee? What You Need to Know Before You Diversify

Case Study 4: Hard Seltzer and Cider: How to Expand Your Brewery’s Product Line

Case Study 5: Cactus Land Brewing Co. Reveals a State-of-the-Art Brewhouse

We want to hear about your next big brewing idea!

Jim Paulsen

Craft beer lover and all-around team leader, Jim has been developing creative design, engineering and fabrication solutions at MARKS for over 5 years.

Jim Paulsen


Mike Roberts

Mike is a brewing and equipment expert who excels at helping clients create a solution for their unique challenges. Talk to Mike about your next project today!

Mike Roberts

Technical Sales & Brewing Consultant

Nate Petz

Nate manages MARKS’ panel shop, and is the point of contact for our brewhouse customers.

Nate Petz

Manager, Panel Shop / Brewhouse Project Manager

Steven Brack

With a background in both beer and wine, Steven helps our clients create ideal solutions across a variety of industries. If you've got a project you'd like to explore, contact Steven today!

Steven Brack

Technical Sales

  • Brewhouses and Brewing Systems
  • Brewery and Cellar Expansion
  • Custom and Imported Tanks
  • Automated Functions

Catawba Brewing Co.

Everyone Claims to be custom manufacturers, but MARKS truly does original designs and custom building of equipment. If you have an idea, they can help you design and build it. Our friends at Marks have helped us to continue to grow, increase our productivity and make better quality beer through better tank designs and stellar service.

Scott Pyatt
Chief Operating Officer & Owner

Aslan Brewing Co.

We chose MARKS because they offered comprehensive support to our needs. Whether that was being very open and flexible with customization, working overtime for us to get out project completed on time, to helping us get the equipment into the building, and stood up.

Frank Trosset
Head Brewer / Owner

YES I want my brewery to succeed through diversification