Introducing Marks Design & Metalworks Semi-Automated 90 Gallon CIP Skid

Introducing the Semi-Automated 90 Gallon CIP Skid.

Marks Design & Metalworks is known for their custom stainless steel tanks, and now they're introducing another one: the Semi-Automated 90 Gallon CIP Skid.

Benefits of Automated CIP:

  • Improved Safety - Removing the majority of human contact with concentrated chemicals. Keep your most valuable resource safe. 
  • Reduced Cost - Reducing labor and up to 50% less chemical usage. Reducing wasted chemical while ensuring proper dosages.
  • Improved Cleaning - More consistent results through automatic cleaning cycle control. 
  • Better Bottom Line - Resulting from less down time and increased production.


  • In-tank and in-line heaters to maintain proper cleaning solution temperature.
  • A high pressure chemical delivery pump allows for the ability to supply multiple tanks.
  • A remote pressure sensor is used to maximize system performance and maintain constant pressure. Conductivity sensors are used to control chemical dosing based on actual concentrations.
  • Four fully programmable cleaning cycles: Pre-wash, caustic, acid, sanitizer.
Controls and Specifications:
  • PLC based Control Automation
  • Configurable via the touch screen to match your facilities needs
  • Full control over chemical temperature, concentration and operating pressure
  • Recirculation and CIP modes
  • 230v and 460v power options available
  • 90gal capacity per vessel

Email Marks Design & Metalworks for pricing and availability of their Semi-Automated 90 Gallon CIP Skid. 

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Marks Design and Metal Works
Marks Design and Metal Works