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MARKS Supplies ASME Flanged and Dished Polished Tank Heads

MARKS - June 30, 2021 - 0 comments

MARKS Design and Metalworks supplies stainless steel ASME quality flanged and dished polished tank heads to manufacturers across the U.S.  Our manufacturing facility produces our tank heads using a Boldrini Head Press machine.  Located in the Portland area, MARKS is one of a limited number of stainless steel flanged and dished head manufacturers on the west coast.

Boldrini is recognized as the leading worldwide manufacturer of hydraulic dished end presses and flanging machines.  Since 1905, Boldrini has been making its high-performance products.  MARKS is proud to use a Boldrini specialty machine to produce its quality stainless steel ASME tank heads.  With the Boldrini flanging machine and our head polisher, various types of heads can be produced obtaining very tight tolerances and up to mirror polish finishes.Boldrini Head Press MachineWorking on ASME toriconical head

ASME F&D Head Capabilities

MARKS produces domed tank heads up to 120” in diameter.  The stainless steel plate thickness can be up to a half inch.  With these dimensions, MARKS can manufacture a flanged and dished head for almost every need.

MARKS tank heads are produced to meet ASME certification requirements.  We can build elliptical and toriconical heads for any stainless steel vessel, including for high pressure vessels.

Our equipment can complete ID and OD polishing.  Various grit options are available, as well as mirror finishing.  MARKS equipment can complete head polish on sizes up to 140”.

flanged and dished polished tank head

Making Your Flanged and Dished Polished Tank Head

MARKS manufacturing team will work with you to meet your flanged and dished tank head needs.  We can build using your drawings or have one of our engineers develop the design for your specific tank requirements.  Call (360) 859-3535 or contact us at for a quote today.

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